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Official Quebec Stenographers

Roll of stenographers

The purpose of the roll of stenographers of Quebec is to help lawyers find qualified and recognized stenographers. The stenography committee is responsible for managing the roll and ensuring compliance with the rules of professional conduct.


The Barreau du Québec is responsible for managing the roll of stenographers but does not provide a referral service.
Only stenographers whose name appears on the roll may be designated as stenographers and act as such.

Membership dues

Membership dues must be paid no later than May 1 of each year. The dues are $300 for the first year and $700 for each year after that.

Accreditation and disciplinary powers

The roll of stenographers was created by the Regulation respecting the training, skill and knowledge evaluation, accreditation and discipline of stenographers (see also O.C. 753-2016 of August 17, 2016), which came into force on May 1, 2006. The Regulation sets out the conditions for admission to the profession and contains provisions of professional conduct and the procedure to follow if the rules are violated.

The establishment of the roll of stenographers does not create a professional order as such, but it has all the characteristics of such an organization.

Stenographers entered on the roll are accredited by the stenography committee.

No one may present themselves, pretend to be or act as a stenographer unless they are entered on the roll of stenographers.

Protecting the public and penalties

Since the Barreau du Québec’s primary mission is to protect the public and its stenography committee has disciplinary powers, complaints against stenographers may be addressed to the committee.

Complaints against stenographers or former stenographers alleged to have violated the Regulation respecting the training, skill and knowledge evaluation, accreditation and discipline of stenographers, the Stenographers’ Act (c S-33) or any other Act or regulation imposing a duty on stenographers must be made in writing and sent to the stenography committee.

By filing a complaint with the Comité de discipline des sténographes, the stenographers’ disciplinary committee, the person filing the complaint obtains the status of complainant. Complainants have the burden of demonstrating to the disciplinary committee that the stenographer committed the alleged errors or made the alleged omissions.

We recommend that you use the form provided for this purpose.

Disciplinary decisions


Secretary of the committee

Maison du Barreau
445, boulevard Saint-Laurent, 4th floor
Montréal, Quebec,  H2Y 3T8