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Conciliation and arbitration of fees – Questions and answers

How can I contest my lawyer's invoice?

What is the deadline for applying for conciliation?

What is the conciliator's role?

What are the reasons why I can apply for conciliation?

When does conciliation end?

What happens if the conciliation does not produce any results?

Who are the arbitrators?

What is the deadline for applying for arbitration?

What happens after an application for arbitration has been sent to the Barreau?

What should you do if you cannot be present on the day and at the time scheduled for the hearing?

Where are hearings held?

Who is present at the hearing?

What happens at the hearing?

Can you be questioned during the hearing?

When will the arbitrators' decision be made?

Peut-on contester la décision rendue par les arbitres?

Can the arbitrators' decision be contested?

What should I do if the arbitrators find that I owe money to my lawyer?

What should you do if you accept part of the lawyer's invoice?

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